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The 'Global hub' or is it a network of English language?

To the high expansion rates, and mobilizing business- the 7.4 billion individuals walking on this planet have turned into a participant of the ‘Global Hub’.  Minimizing the distance, all that is necessary now is communication.  The rush life has made it mandatory to develop a common channel of communication. And it is here, where English language turns out to be the hero.  

Just like a salad, the huge variety of lingual diversity is brought to an uniform rich flavour by the English literature. No wonder, why it has become the second most used language. 21st century couldn’t demand anything more than the spread of English as the utmost channel to link the world into a global hub. The blooming civilizations, and the cultural mix yearns the need to interact. Apart from knowing the benefits and pros of English (which is likely to be found in every essay book), unknowingly it has become the homemaker of the bosom settlements.

A medium, only? No. It’s like a bond that ties two individuals It’s like a field, offering numerous scopes and opportunities to display one’s talents and skills. Something that lets people from far flung countries and continents interact. Blessing, can say.

Rich texture, and lightness of it has made it more vital in the working of the society. You can find in the areas inaccessible, rural schools teaching English lit. - just to ensure that the kids don’t be disabled in showcasing themselves.  It has more or less become synonymous to 'voice'. Echoes of a strong words produce jitters even in faraway places. It has been accepted by the people just like their mother tongue, and has found its way into the shelves prominently. 

Out of the rush, we don’t even bother to notice the importance, and fluently sail away in the flow of the language that connects everyone in a hub.  For me, ‘web of English’ makes more sense. 



Blogger: Shalini Bhaumik