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English Impression; the Best Source of Virtual English Learning in India

Knowing and understanding English is a crucial component of success in India. All official work is conducted through the English medium and those who are not well versed in English risk a chance of losing out on the many advantages that the language offers its practitioners. Not anymore!

With English Impression, you have the advantage of learning to speak fluent English at your own pace and at your desired time. The English speaking classes are designed to be on a one-on-one basis and this gives you the much-needed exposure to an understanding teacher who works at your chosen pace to help instill the fundamentals of the language in you.

The following features of the English Speaking Course offered by English Impression stand out;

Personal Training: We understand that speaking fluent English is a skill that comes about by extended practice only. Our personal trainers are trained to vary their pace and level of learning according to the need of the hour. If you speak to the personal trainers at English Impression you will be able to sharpen your English speaking skills according to the pace you set for yourself.

Qualified Trainers: The English speaking sessions are delivered by skilled and qualified trainers who focus on the one on one aspect while teaching you to speak in fluent English. The trainers are trained to impart training sessions on a one on one basis, one teacher to one student. This mode of instruction does away with the inhibition that many students suffer from when they find themselves in a class with more than one student, each with their own level of spoken English. And removing inhibition is of the core essence when it comes to imparting instructions for speaking in English.

Instant correction: Because you will be getting your training over the phone in a session with your designated teacher, you are encouraged to speak your mind never mind how many mistakes you make. The teacher at the other end of the line will instantly correct your mistakes on the fly so that your English speaking powers are sharpened at every opportunity.

The study material: You will be provided with phone compatible audio study material for practice when you have the time to spend for it. The study material works all the time, even when you are offline and this means that you are never without instruction to hone your English speaking skills.

The above advantages of learning English with English Impression make it stand out in comparison to other more traditional means of learning spoken English. Speak to our teachers today to know just why we are the most preferred partners in teaching English.