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English is the teacher I grew up praising.

Teacher & Goodness

Putting up a Teachers’ Day greeting is tough; and especially when you are a day late and struggling how to present it as a blogger. Well, ignore the humour. I have been all so happy go round girl these days. And you know why? Cause I am writing things down and people are finding it inspiring, which means at some point I am teaching ‘em as well. Doesn’t it feel great to teach someone? And that someone can be a little kid, or a homeless vagabond, or your friend, or yourself.

Teacher- such a big word. Isn’t it amazing how we link it to a human being? To me, the entire concept of “teacher” is a bit different.  Life, odds, barriers, speed breakers, people & challenges are the teachers. Isn’t it easy to pack our bag and go back home when barriers are high & odds are playing low? But, think about it a second. Has glory, real glory ever being easy? Maybe, if achieving something was easy, the success would never taste the same.

For me, even English is a teacher. It teaches me everytime I sit to write by making me remember how much more I have to learn, and how much I have finished. That every single word that isn’t in my vocabulary shouts at me to try it. I find it fascinating how each word is so much expressive.

Rich text and depth of ideas can be so much intimidating as well stress-building. You try hard to get to the roots and still miss the point; and then all of a sudden you find the plot and crack it. Just like a surgery, English is all about finding and exploring. It’s like an adventure by lying in the bed and reading a bed.

And trust me, my teacher never failed. It has been the strongest and the best. It teaches you, guides you and also finds its expression in you, by you. Inferiority complex can be baffling, until you start working over it rather than worrying about it. Get your teacher, and start learning.

To every trainer, and to every life happenings- thanks for teaching me how to be alive and surviving.


Blogger: Shalini Bhaumik